Junior Golf Academy

 Formal golf instruction may often become tedious and repetitive in nature.  The Brookhaven Junior Golf Academy allows for a more enjoyable learning experience by introducing creative methods while maintaining a structured, yet relaxed environment.  The academy’s goal is to make learning fun and memorable.  Our practices will lead to retention of knowledge, the ability to learn from mistakes, and practice the correct techniques.  This ultimately will improve the student’s golf game.
Within the Junior Golf Academy (JGA), the students are tested quarterly during the first week of December, March, June, and September. Each student will be tested for placement in the correct level based on skill. The following four skills are tested: putting, chipping/pitching, full swing, and playing. After each skill type is tested and additional criteria are met, the student will be placed in the skill appropriate level from the groups below.
Snead Group - White Hat, Yellow Hat, Orange Hat
Hogan Group - Green Hat, Blue Hat, Purple Hat
Nelson Group - Red Hat, Brown/Khaki Hat, Black Hat
All new students entering the program will be individually tested by one of the instructors for appropriate level placement, unless entry occurs during the regularly scheduled testing period. Testing will be the same for each level with the exception of bunker play. The Snead Group will be introduced to bunker play; however, most of the students are not physically ready for bunkers, therefore will not be required to test on the material. Bunker play testing begins once the student has received a green hat within the Hogan Group.
Students may receive up to nine (9) hat levels, but at the same time can advance as quickly as their skill level will allow them to do so. For example, if a student has improved quickly between testing dates, there is a possibility they can skip a hat level. Skipping a hat level will be based on test results and whether additional criteria have been met for that level.