BrookhavenGolf Academy

Brookhaven Junior GOLF

SNAG – Starting New At Golf

It is a great opportunity to get young golfers enthusiastic and interested in golf, as well as starting them in the correct direction. Below is some key information you need to know about the program and please note there are a few changes to the schedule.

SNAG Requirements

  • Must be the age specified for that particular class
  • Must be potty trained
  • Must be able to be in the class without a parent present. We don't mind if you come, we just don't want it to be a requirement for them to behave. 

Saturday SNAG Class

Spring Wednesday Class

  • Wednesday from 10:30 – 11:30am

  • Ages 3-5

  • Wednesday - $75 / Month
  • Annual Academy Fee - $50
  • Class is limited to 12 students per day
Please know there is limited space available (first come first serve)
  • Non-member up-charge of $25 per month

2019 Spring Dates Coming Soon

No Classes December through February (Due to Holiday travel and weather problems)

An Annual Academy Fee of $50 within our Junior Golf Academy is required to join the program. This fee is only once a year for all students when they join the program. The Annual Academy Fee provides hats, shirts, prizes, and more equipment for the students as the program continues to grow.