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Formal golf instruction may often become tedious and repetitive in nature.  The Brookhaven Junior Golf Academy allows for a more enjoyable learning experience by introducing creative methods while maintaining a structured environment.  The academy’s goal is to make learning fun and memorable.  Our practices will lead to retention of knowledge, the ability to learn from mistakes, and practice the correct techniques.  This ultimately will improve the student’s golf game.

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JuniorAcademy FAQ’s

How does billing work?

Everyone will get billed in the first week of the month if you have reoccurring monthly charges. If you are on drop in charges, because you can’t commit to 4 or more classes a month, then you will get billed out at the end of the month.  Check your contract on the last couple pages to determine your best pricing option.

Where do we Drop off and Pick up?

Usually Masters putting green just down from the golf shop is where we start. Drop off is usually back at the golf shop area. 

What is the Annual Academy Fee and what does it get for my child?

Each year, we assess a Annual Fee to join the Junior Academy. That fee is assessed when your child joins the program. This fee gets added to our Junior Academy Account here on property and we buy supplies for the children.  That supplies includes all the hats, shirts, bags, prizes, golf balls, ect. that we give away in class. The progression system we have in place could allow your child to go through 4-5 hats her year, which is funded through this account.

I see that some of the packages include a Private Lesson. How do I set that up and is it that important?

To set up the private lesson, you can do this one of two ways. One, if your family is super busy and you need that lesson at a specific time, then send the Director an email when you need that lesson to take place. Two, if you are flexible and want to work with a certain instructor, then send the Director that information and they can make the connection.  Either way, email the Director unless you already know whom you want to work with and then email them directly.

What happens when you have weather Issues? Do you cancel class?

We have an indoor room to accommodate class with a nice big hitting net and putting area. Very rarely do we cancel class. Ice and tornado would be the only reasons.  On days we meet in the racquetball courts (in the Tennis Facility), I will send an email with updated pick up and drop off locations. Due to the crazy weather patterns in Texas, I don’t make that call until 30 mins before class. I will send out an email to the group of academy parents to inform them about the changes in locations.

Do my kids need new clubs to participate?

I would not encourage to buy clubs until you know you child is interested in golf. We have plenty of sets to borrow for 60 days until you guys have made a decision. If you have clubs please send them with the kids.  If you aren't sure they fit correct, please ask one of the instructors to evaluate the clubs during the first session.  We will recommend what to buy if necessary. Please don't buy clubs without talking to us first.  Clubs that are too long will delay their progression.

What do the kids wear?

Golf clothes as close as possible.  Collar shirts are a MUST and NO denim or T-shirts.  Gym shorts are fine, as long as they have pockets.  Please understand that dress code is important to us and we ask that you please abide by the regulations.   Now when its cold, just please dress with enough layers to stay warm.  We will try to be outside unless it is just too cold or raining.

Can non-members participate? Do you get playing privileges if you are in the Junior Academy?

Non-members can participate in lessons at Brookhaven. However, that doesn’t allow parents or children to use the facility outside of regular class time. So mom/dad, you can’t hit balls on the range without a Brookhaven Membership.

What is your Cell Phone Policy?

Thanks for asking – We don’t allow them to be out during class. They need to stay in the golf bag at all times, not in their pocket. If they need to get in touch with you, then they need permission from the instructors in class to use the phone. All other toys and / or distractions (I.e fidget spinners, pokemon cards, ect.) will be kept in their golf bags as well. These become dangerous when they distract the children during class.