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Brookhaven Junior GOLF

Nelson Group

The NELSON Group is our third level of the Junior Golf Academy.  NELSON golfers are typically more experienced in tournament play and have had 3-5 years of formal instruction.  These golfers are usually ages 10-14, however some exceptions are made by our instruction staff to allow younger elite golfers to participate in this group.  This group also has 3 hat levels, and the progression order is Red to Khakis to Black.

Testing information is below:

  • Current Red Hats through Black Hats will play 200 yards
  • Everyone will Play 5 holes
  • NO Max score
  • Play all shots from the bunkers

Score needed to receive the designated hat:

Hat Level

Score Required

Khakis Hat


Black Hat


**This score will graduate them to the PERFORMANCE Group

Schedule / Hours

School Year Hours (September – May)

  • Wednesday 4:30-6:00pm 
  • Saturday / Sunday 1:00-2:30pm