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Speed Class

Do you want to hit the ball further? Are you constantly being out driven? If distance is holding you back from a lower score this is the class for you.Joey Anders, PGA Professional is offering a complete 6-week course on speed training. This course is guaranteed to increase your club head speed.


Tuesdays – 6:15 PM

Wednesdays 12:15 PM WOMEN ONLY

Thursdays – 12:15 PM

Saturday’s – 12:15 PM

Class Cost

$175. Class Packages: Starting October 8th and ends November 23rd

Student Results

Joey has seen students increase club speed by 15 MPH in a single session.

Joeys max swing speed increased from 108-124

Jim’s max swing speed increased from 108-125

April gained 60 yards on her longest drives and over 30 yards on average

Vanessa gained over 30 yards on average

Bob gained over 40 yards

Steele went from 85 to 100 mph on his max swing speed

Olivia went from 90 to 104 mph on her max swing speed

Hanna went from 88 to 100 mph on her max swing speed.

Dozens of others have gained 5-15 mph.

Don’t be left behind. Sign up by emailing Joey @


Golf and Fitness

The most important piece of equipment is not in your golf bag--it is your body. Carrie Chambers, LPGA Class B, Director of Instruction, Joey Anders, PGA Teaching Professional, and Rob Stock, PGA Teaching Professional and Fitness Certified Instructor, are combining forces to produce a Golf Fitness Program so that your body will be in its best shape to make your best swing. Carrie,Joey and Rob are Certified in TPI - Titleist Performance Institute Certifications for identifying strengths and weaknesses in your body that will impact how you swing the golf club. They are teaming up to add a fitness element to our highly awarded program.  

TPI Evaluations by Joey Anders,  Rob Stock, Ryan Henry and Kendall Magee

TPI - Titeist Performance Institute is the world's leading educational and research facility dedicated to studying how the body functions in a golf swing. Once the evaluation is complete you will receive a 16 week work-out program customized to those weaknesses.  Injuries and lack of flexibility and strength can all be contributing factors to the breakdown in your swing. Contact Carrie Chambers, Joey Anders or Rob Stock to get your evaluation complete.

Joey Anders, PGA

  • PGA Class A Professional Since 2008
  • 2013 Club Corp Team of Excellence Award
  • US Kids Certified Instructor: Named 2013 and 2014 Top 50 US Kids Coach
  • Titleist Performance Institute: Golf Professional Level 2, Junior Coach Level 2, and Power Coach Level 2
  • PGA Golf Management Program, New Mexico State
  • Employed at Brookhaven Country Club since 2002
  • Born and raised in Dallas, TX

Rob Stock, PGA and NASM

  • PGA Class A Professional Since 2000
  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • US Kids Certified Instructor
  • Titleist Performance Institute: Golf Professional Level 2
  • Certified in The Plane Truth and New Rules Coach
  • Former Dave Pelz Short Game School Instructor
  • Wrote book “Pivots and Divots”
  • Published Nationally in Golf Tips and Golfweek Magazine

To book a TPI Evaluation go to Online Booking and select TPI Evaluation, YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU!