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Brookhaven Junior GOLF

Winterizer Series with Carrie Chambers –  $1200 of Instruction for the Special Rate of $750

The winterizer series is designed for the golfer who wants to make a change but does not want to during tournament season! Now that tournament season is over lets make that change!  Whether it is a small change to your set-up or learning to shape the ball from left to right off season is the time to improve. Work one-on-one with Carrie Chambers once a week over an 8-week period. Students will receive a bag check, TPI assessment, 8 hours of private instruction, 8 hours of clinic opportunity, and personalized development plan.

New Student Assessment- $150.00

This process allows the teacher to assess all aspects of your game.  Using state of the art technologies such as Trackman, Flight Scope and K-Vest the instructor will create a baseline of your ball flight and short game ability.  You will also go through a TPI assessment to learn any physical issues that might be hindering your golf swing. You and the instructor will discuss goals and customize a development plan specifically for you.

What’s in your Bag? - $75.00

Using state of the art technology our instructors will assess what’s in your bag.  We find that many golfers have large gaps between clubs or simply don’t know the exact yardage they hit their clubs.  After working one-on-one with an instructor you will receive a detailed print out letting you know exactly what’s in your bag.  Instructors will also make suggestions based on the results.

Custom Group Lessons - Price is determined by percentage of instructor’s private lesson fee.

Do you enjoy learning with your friends?  Custom group lessons are just for you.  Group lessons are customized to fit your busy schedule. You pick the instructor, day and time! Group lessons are priced based on the number of students attending.  Food and beverage add-ons are welcomed!

Clinic Pricing Breakdown

2 Students  67% of Lesson Rate | 3 Students 53% of Lesson Rate | 4 Students 50% of Lesson Rate | 5 Students  47% of Lesson Rate | 6 Students 44% of Lesson Rate | 7 Students 42% of Lesson Rates | 8 Students 37% of Lesson Rate